Continuously working towards the “EFFORTLESS”…

In 1996 Sprimsol Limpiezas, S.L. began to manufacture automatic wringers to make it easier to wring out mops.

We manufacture and sell automatic wringers for cleaning which automate the wringing process for mops, dust mops, clothes… which can be used both in domestic and professional cleaning.

We apply the relevant technology to make daily cleaning an easier task.

We do the hard work so that your complicated tasks become easy ones.

Our R+D+I department is continuously developing strategies to improve the output and quality of our products and processes, as well as looking for new ideas in order to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied and that their needs are met.

Our goal is to introduce new high quality products into the market, which will help to save you time and to minimise the effort which is involved in your daily cleaning tasks.

Thank you for believing in us, thank you for putting your trust in Sprimsol.