Fregola Automatic Wringer

The only mop that wrings itself out, it is totally automatic! The automatic wringer for cleaning floors.

Why not look after your health, whilst cleaning better and more efficiently.

Fregola looks after you: having to put in effort to wring out mops is a thing of the past, say goodbye to your traditional mop. Avoid the physical effort that can lead to serious arm, wrist and back injuries, and at the same time get a drier floor, more quickly and more effectively.


Mopping the floor has never been this easy

Move the handle slightly when introducing the mop into the bucket and it will automatically wring out the mop, exerting a pressure equivalent to up to 60kg upon the mop.

Fregola is very easy and comfortable to use from the first time that you try it: With only one effortless operation, the mop is ready to use. It is ideal for mopping all types of surfaces, it can even be used on delicate surfaces like wooden floors.

There are no cables and it uses a rechargeable battery providing the user with greater autonomy.


    Product Details:

"There's only one Fregola and it's from Sprimsol"