The automatic press wringer which takes the effort out of wringing industrial mops.

A helping hand for cleaning floors. Forget the traditional manual lever presses.

With absolutely no effort, mops are completely wrung out to the tips.

Avoid injuries and reduce the risks of work related accidents and time off sick.


Automatic wringing system

By using the magnetic clip provided, or by pressing the button, it can automatically wring all types of flat mops (up to 450grams), cloths, dusters and other cleaning tools.

With a magnetic clip:

Let the magnetic clip fall between the rollers and in less than three seconds, the rollers will push the mop back to the top completely wrung out.

Without the magnetic clip:

You can do the same operation but you will have the option of wringing out more or less of the mop or of any other utensil’s surface areas.


Using Fregomatic helps to avoid back, arm and wrist injuries which are frequently caused by manually wringing out mops and it also increases work output.


It cleans a larger surface area without having to put in as much effort.

The floor dries faster.

Its practical design adapts to buckets, handles and mops which are already on the market, improving and speeding up cleaning processes.

Its rechargeable battery allows more than 700 wringing operations per charge.

It is a compact and watertight tool with a long service life.

Vertical wringing system: Fregomatic wrings flat mops from the top to the end towards the tips. Through this new VERTICAL wringing system, the water as well as the filth slip completely out of the mop, leaving it cleaner and more wrung out.

    Components included:

"Fregomatic, the best wringer for floor cleaning"